Depok is a city in West Java province, Indonesia. Depok, as a suburban city is located between Jakarta and Bogor. The city is also a southern border of Jakarta. The population density of Depok was classified as solid with almost two millions of people. Depok is well known as a residential city, education city, trade and service centers, tourism city, and as a city of water absorption


These are the transportation to get in to Depok.

Road: From Jakarta, Jalan Lenteng Agung and Jalan Raya Bogor are the two main roads leading to Depok. An alternative is to take the toll road and exit for Depok. If you are heading for Depok Central, Jalan Lenteng Agung is the better alternative as it links up with Jalan Margonda Raya and takes you to two of the main shopping centres, Depok Town Square (DETOS) and Margo City. These roads are often very congested in the morning and in the afternoon, as are most roads and streets in Jakarta.

Train: The other way to get into Depok is to take the Bogor line (Red Line if you are coming from Jakarta Kota Station, or Orange Line if you are coming from Jatinegara Station). Depok has five stations: [Jakarta] <– Universitas Indonesia (UI, pronounced Oo-Ee), Pondok Cina, Depok Baru, Depok, and Citayam –> [Bogor]. KA Commuter Jabodetabek serves and stop at these stations. Passenger can buy ticket at the manned-counter; with the new ticketing system, there are two types of ticket available, the single-trip card (price vary) and multiple trip card (IDR 50.000; IDR 30.000 credit). The new fare counting system is called ‘Progressive Fares’. It depends on number of station passed, and applied on commuter class in all line. The first 25 kilometers passed will be charged IDR 3000 and every next 10 kilometers passed will be charged IDR 1000. Passanger also can use their FLAZZ Card (Prepayment card issued by Bank BCA), BRIZZI Card (Prepayment card issued by Bank BRI), BNI TapCash (Prepayment card issued by Bank BNI),  or  E-money (Prepayment card issued by Bank Mandiri)  to board and alight the trains (it also can be used for Trans-Jakarta Bus Rapid Transit). It takes around 30 to 90 minutes from Jakarta to Depok, depending on from where in Jakarta you are coming from and where in Depok you are going to. Don’t expect a seat on the train at the peak hours (5.00-9.00 AM heading towards Jakarta and 4.00-22.00 heading towards Bogor). Most people stand – and those sitting, are mostly women, children and elderly.


DAMRI: The nearest airport bus (DAMRI) pickup points are Pasar Minggu, in South Jakarta, and Kampung Rambutan bus terminal, in East Jakarta. Take the 129 microlet to Pasar Minggu or the 112 microlet to Kampung Rambutan.

The overcrowded brown and purple Debora (pronounced de-bora) bus service connects Depok with South Jakarta.

Taxi: Alternatively, you can always travel by taxi, which you can easily find in Jalan Margonda Raya, or else order a taxi by phone. Blue Bird and Taxiku taxi companies, who are both reliable, have their depots in Depok. Express is another reliable company. A typical fare from Blok M in South Jakarta to Central Depok would be about Rp 80,000, from Kota in Central Jakarta, about Rp 120,000, and from the airport to Central Depok, about Rp 200,000.

If you want to get around Depok you can use the public transportation such as microlet (vans) and angkot (minibuses) which ply Jl. Margonda Raya and some other main roads. The price is fixed at IDR3,000 and IDR5000 respectively. There are also numerous ojeks (motorcycle taxis) on many street corners in Depok. Agree on the price before getting on the ojek, or you can also use the online transportation such as Grab, Go-Jek, or Uber.



Depok has some hotels to be your accommodation.

1.) The Margo Hotel

Luxury hotel near the Pondok Cina railway station. Double room from about IDR900,000 per night.

Address  : Jl. Margonda Raya No. 358.

Phone      :  +6221 – 29 515 888

Fax           :  +6221 – 29 515 889

Email        :

Website   :

2.) Hotel Bumi Wiyata

Along Depok’s main road, a three-star hotel with fitness, spa, and swimming pool. Double rooms from IDR750,000 per night.

Address  : Jl. Margonda Raya

Phone      :  +62 21 777 8040.

Email        :

Website   :

3.) Hotel Santika

Three-star hotel along the main road, between the city centre and the University of Indonesia campus. Double rooms from about Rp.500,000 per night.

Address  : Jl. Margonda Raya Kav. 88

Phone      :  +62 21 7721 9291

Website   :



4.) Margonda Residence

Margonda Residence is an appartment located at Margonda Raya Street near Pondok Cina Railway Station and Universitas Indonesia. You can rent the appartment for a night only by booking it online via or other similar website. The price is affordable, started from around IDR150,000 for a studio room.

Map of Universitas Indonesia